Information for potential members

If you are thinking about joining the ECOMOS project, this site contains some information for you. You can also download a PDF containing all this information from here: ECOMOS II – Information for potential members

What is the basis for ECOMOS II?

  • addresses the need for a computer model to theoretically assess Target Acquisition performance and to specify an imager and its subsystems for existing/future European defence and security capability development
  • aims to produce a generally accepted and harmonized European computer model for calculating target detection, recognition, and identification ranges for thermal imagers
  • involves close co-operation between European defence and security industries as well as public research institutes in order to integrate expertise and existing national solutions regarding optronic system range performance modelling into a common European product
  • shall build up a strong competitive position especially with respect to established US software models

New features planned for ECOMOS

The following list contains some items that that are part of future research. The actual content of the project is not limited to (or by) the topics on this list. Some mentioned topics could also be part of following projects.

  • Extend the spectral range of ECOMOS to VIS, NIR and SWIR.
  • Predict the performance of sensors with integrated image processing algorithms with the help of an agreed on scene catalog.
  • New target sets: urban, drones, ships, …
  • Integrating support for Active systems
  • Dynamics, motion, video
  • Slant path
  • Turbulence mitigation
  • Support for color images
  • Point target detection
  • Support for Hyperspectral/multispectral data

When will ECOMOS II start?

At the moment the project ECOMOS II is in the preparatory state, development will begin in 2019.

ECOMOS II release timeline
ECOMOS II development timeline

Who can join?

Any EDA-country who can give a significant contribution to the proposed work packages.