Optronic sensor design and realization need the estimation of specific radiative atmospheric terms such as path transmission, path radiances, sky radiances or local illumination around a target point. The radiative transfer code MATISSE (Advanced Earth Modeling for Imaging and Scene Simulation and their Environment), developed by ONERA, provide these parameters anywhere on the globe. The code can also compute spectral images of natural backgrounds in clear atmosphere, or with low and high altitude clouds, on sea and land. It can provide environmental radiative quantities for signature computation, for scene generators or any code that needs to take into account the atmosphere.

MATISSE represents more than twenty five years of studies and development which gathers part of optronic modeling done at ONERA and in collaboration with research laboratories (LMD, LOA, Météo-France/CNRM, Fraunhofer IOSB, RDDC…). The code is used by DGA (French MoD), French Defense companies and ONERA through DGA programs.