TRM4 is an analytical model and software assessing the performance of imaging systems in the visible to the thermal infrared spectral bands. The calculation of target acquisition ranges in TRM4 is based on the perception of a standard 4-bar test pattern and uses the STANAG 4347 approach.

TRM4 and the corresponding measurement method MTDP (Minimum Temperature Difference Perceived) were developed and validated to assess both well and under sampled imagers. In contrast to conventional (MRTD-based) models restricted to well sampled imagers, TRM4 rigorously simulates the spatial transfer characteristics of the imager —including the sensor sampling — and expresses it by means of the AMOP (Average Modulation at Optimum Phase) figure of merit.

For more information about the latest version of the TRM4 software, licensing and related publications please visit the TRM4 homepage.